cut it tha fuck out warspawn

2007-11-25 14:01:26 by YoungBreeze

if ya beef with me was legit then it would be a different story. Honestly, ur not a bad beat maker. u try (ur not better than me). I mean this whole saving hip hop thing is a lil cliche now but watever works for ya. ur a follower. U say i sample too much and i steal but u have no proof of wat u are saying. But its watever. and u let ses gas u. and u are a sucker because u can't say whether he is better than u or not. "we have two different styles" lmfao! SUCKER. that makes it all the more easy. which style do u like more his or ur's? I'm tired of "internet beef" its stupid. u dont kno me. i dont kno u. so all that will be heard is lies. im done. say wat u want. Im better than allota n***a here and i dont need 4 people telling me im not when they can't even replicate wat i do.
and stop fuckin blockin me that shit so gay!


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2007-11-25 22:49:23

How the fuck do I say you sample to much when I'm mainly known for sampling? All I said is that I got the same samples as you, and you said that the track was original. So yes, that's technically stealing if you say it's your own. I give credit to where I get my samples from. And saying who's a better producer between me and Ses is nothing. Different styles. Now that you ask which style I like more, of course I'm going to say mine. Hence the fact why I use that style. If I liked Ses' style more, I'd make more tracks like him. It's common sense you failure of a producer. And the reason I blocked you is because you never have anything important to say. So what's the point of viewing your ignorance on my page? Just like how you put "SUCK MY DICK" after everything I put to you. That shows me that not only you're not as witty or clever as I am, but you can't back yourself up when I bring the truth to the table. Get ya own NY style instead of making southern music. Embrace where you were raised at, not where you were born. That's like me making Salsa music just cuz I'm Puerto Rican. I use the style that's around me, and enhance it into my own groove. Something you need to learn how to do.

(Updated ) YoungBreeze responds:

wooo, u almost earned yaself a suck my dick there. lmfao. i make wat ever kinds of beats i want. i make south cuz i like south. niggas on this site dont understand anything but south anyways. Ng is a playground. i can make any genre from "ny hip hop to MIA south" im VERSATILE. that why i do what i do. if u dont like iit then dont listen.
And please tell me wat track i said ws all a original but had samples in it.