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Young Breeze Finishes DJ Ses!

2007-07-25 15:32:17 by YoungBreeze

Well folks, to those who dont know who i am or what i am about, I am Young Breeze The Beat Machine!
i have been producing Hip and Rnb on Ng since November of '06. things have been rather peachy for me on NG exept for the occasional annoymous hater but it is what it is. I link up with alot of Artist in tha him hop portal one beign DJ Ses. I helped him out with Fl studio and gave him some really cool plugins to boot and he truns around and tries to play me when he feels his back is against the wall. lmfao! Kids, they will never learn. This post is to show the public how Fake people get dealt with YB Style. and also promote myself as a young up and comming producer out NY. Feel free to check out my NEW music and vote honestly people. Keep tha NG community strong and healthy.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /88757


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2007-08-22 18:33:59

u better keep my name out ur mouth and stop rating me down before i stop holding back on you and really end your career.. word up!!

YoungBreeze responds:

SLIP AND SLIDE RECORDS 4 LIFE! lmfao!!!!! lame..............


2007-08-26 21:48:42

Sissy Eatting Shit. TALKS! OMG!!!

...seriously...your on his dick.

YoungBreeze responds:

i kno son, my girl is getting tight, she like "why this nigga stay with ya dick in his mouth? thats for me!"


2007-08-28 23:30:47

lol.. im not even gonna argue.. jus talk to me wen u make first page n alacritysoundz.. dont talk wut u dont know

YoungBreeze responds:

moses, this is free music voted on by little children! up y agame nigga, i will pay for your rocbattle subscription. battle me! no b4 u respond my saying u dont have time let me stop u now by saying shut tha fuck up. I am not on your level becuz it is beneath me so SLIP AND SLIDE OFF MY DICK!!!!


2007-08-29 11:24:49

Uhh..... so how did this rivalry started? -_-

YoungBreeze responds:

read tha jornal entry.......


2007-08-29 18:24:53

Really doesn't matter. Shit ending soon, believe that...

YoungBreeze responds:

over, nah man u just opened a new chapter of fun. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!
anyone ever see a dwarf gangsta?

http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/i ndex.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&fri endID=54738500&albumID=0&imageID=

how about a gay Nazi?
http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/i ndex.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&fri endID=54738500&albumID=0&imageID=

how abut three thunder-cunt fags in general?
http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/i ndex.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&fri endID=54738500&albumID=0&imageID=

here is tha stinger here, here is a look at the best head giver in New Jersey, isnt she pretty?
http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/i ndex.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&fri endID=54738500&albumID=0&imageID=


2007-08-30 12:04:03

Ya showin my pics and shit like you got somethin on me. It dun matter though, cuz I know that my shit is official. Ya songs is trash, and you pull mad bitch moves on this shit. Talk bout you dun fuck with internet beef, yet you come come along provokin shit even more. Hypocritical, bitin ass n***a. Get at me.

YoungBreeze responds:

AMTRAK : fastest way to an ass whoopin!


2007-08-30 16:36:01

If you wanna know, I have 2 of your tracks on my PSP along with other audio artists' tracks.
Young Breeze:
R.I.P. DJ Ses (I have nothing against him, I like the beat!)
And you're on my favorites list too! :D


2007-08-30 22:58:12

Man, y'all fucking around too much. THis may have been the exact same shit that happened to Tupac and Biggie. Two brawlin' ass muthafuckas who gonna end up either blammed or in jail.

Y'all need to stop this shit and give to the Black NG community. Too old to be fuckin' around and gettin' yo' ass popped.


2007-09-05 19:53:13

You and DJ Ses need to stop beefing and work on the music more.


2007-09-25 18:36:15

ohhh so u finally stopped beefing with me.

but yea, i left yea a lil review for yea song. (THE song was pretty weak going out to the haters.. if ur gonna throw something out to the hataz den it gotta b amazing)

it's talking about my final words to you, how i feel. and wut im doing that ur not

IF u stopped beefing with me.. good.. its a better start for ur career.

i wuznt taking u seriously from the start.. as u noticed

but seriously stop rating my tracks 0.
(it doesnt make a difference.. i still get reviews)

just cuz this beef is over.. doesnt mean we're friends.. u dun act stupid enuff.. but yea.. ill give yea sum respect.. but its not enuff respect for me to like u.


YoungBreeze responds:

listen, tha slick talk, is not needed. obviously u took me serious enought to come and read my comments. u dont have to like me. no one pays u to. its not ur job. i PLAY on newgrounds. u niggazmake this ya'll life! this is my playground!!!!! and body wanna see me join rocbattle.com and challenge me. thats is thats all. and FUCK KILLBILL !


2007-09-26 16:12:59

Looks like many people like war-spawn and killbill are turning against Young Breeze....

YoungBreeze responds:



2007-09-26 16:16:05

whoops I meant *you*, I'm not one of those people who are against you, I like you and your music but you need to stop beefing with Ses and get back to biz...like Greeksta said....

YoungBreeze responds:

ok, its watever, no one here does anythign for me so i couldnt give a fuck who likes me or not, I tried to end this wack beef with DJ Ses Bumb ass. He is all mouth, has anyone EVER seen any proof of the shit DJ Ses talk. Has ANYONE seen ANYTHING? talk is cheap. Young Breeze Is Better THAn DJ SES, WARSPAWN ANd KILL BILL. Bottom line. end of story!


2007-10-18 15:29:40



2007-10-18 15:48:19

lol alacritysoundz.. i dunt care if u dunt like my beats.. every1 got different taste.. but all im sayin iz stop talkin shit like u know me, datz all bruh.

AND FOR YoungBitch.. DUDE u done 0'd all my tracks again AND im still at top.. dude.. seriously.. whats wrong with u? are you jealous or something? like im dead ass.. u seem like ur falling apart. JUST TO LET U KNOW, if u would stop downvoting ppl maybe ull get more respect around here. REAL SHIT. n u already kno i dunt beef wit u.. u beef wit me.. u already know i dunt care about u.. u care about me!!! DUDE.. seriously.. i only stop by a leave you a review when you 0 my tracks. U KNO IT!! so STOP!!

YoungBreeze responds:

DJ SES U VOTE ON YOUR OWN TRACKS EVERDAY! and so do all ur dick suckin fans! lmfao. the same people review ur shit all the time! NG is a joke. i told u where i Bang nigga. Rocbattle. holla if u follow nigga!


2007-10-20 17:56:26

Uhh Different taste huh? Yeah All GRAVY psssh.

Breeze is for dolo. No lil click. No lil posse.
Look at you ses. you got a click/group etc etc.
And I really wanna see proof of how your going to promote your group saying you'll send it into cash money/Slip N slide/blah blah blah. But I see more of an fabricated lie. I remember you was frontin...Sayin you was signed to Slip N Slide. And I even saw you put dat shit on a myspace haha. SLIP N SLIDE. Come on man. Don't hide behind people you know who are gonna back you up. When this shit JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE ON THE INTERNET. You dont need people to back you up shiitt. Its a battle on beats. Sampling/Originality same fuckin shit. Its beats. You make it sound good I show love. You Dont need anybody to help you do one lil fight on the internet lmao....Stupid.

YoungBreeze responds: