Im back?!

2011-01-06 00:42:55 by YoungBreeze

Not many may know but i produced this really cool song a while ago... thought u guys might like it...

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Right now im in the midst of trying to launching my own website called
I'd appreciate if guys who have the spare time could design a page for me. if u are interested hit me with a PM. Thanks in advance!!!!

Sleepin On A Billon

2007-12-03 16:44:04 by YoungBreeze

Check my new track, " Sleepin On A Billion" ft. Younf Free, Citi and Sparks. Very hot track. My beats are available for sale so cantact me in a pm if u are interested in purchasing some.

cut it tha fuck out warspawn

2007-11-25 14:01:26 by YoungBreeze

if ya beef with me was legit then it would be a different story. Honestly, ur not a bad beat maker. u try (ur not better than me). I mean this whole saving hip hop thing is a lil cliche now but watever works for ya. ur a follower. U say i sample too much and i steal but u have no proof of wat u are saying. But its watever. and u let ses gas u. and u are a sucker because u can't say whether he is better than u or not. "we have two different styles" lmfao! SUCKER. that makes it all the more easy. which style do u like more his or ur's? I'm tired of "internet beef" its stupid. u dont kno me. i dont kno u. so all that will be heard is lies. im done. say wat u want. Im better than allota n***a here and i dont need 4 people telling me im not when they can't even replicate wat i do.
and stop fuckin blockin me that shit so gay!


2007-11-02 12:34:20 by YoungBreeze

I finished him
he is out classed in all areas.
Ur not better than me homie.
Kill yaself.
ANYBODY want it can get it!


Well folks, to those who dont know who i am or what i am about, I am Young Breeze The Beat Machine!
i have been producing Hip and Rnb on Ng since November of '06. things have been rather peachy for me on NG exept for the occasional annoymous hater but it is what it is. I link up with alot of Artist in tha him hop portal one beign DJ Ses. I helped him out with Fl studio and gave him some really cool plugins to boot and he truns around and tries to play me when he feels his back is against the wall. lmfao! Kids, they will never learn. This post is to show the public how Fake people get dealt with YB Style. and also promote myself as a young up and comming producer out NY. Feel free to check out my NEW music and vote honestly people. Keep tha NG community strong and healthy. /88757